Western Values Project
Website Redesign / Rebranding

A growing voice for commonsense solutions on land management issues, Western Values Project took the opportunity provided by a website redesign to build a new dynamic brand.

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About the Project

Partners: Smoot Tewes Group, Action Backed

Western Values Project has grown into a leading voice in energy, conservation, and the responsible use of public lands in the Mountain West. But, their existing web presence and branding no longer reflected the organization they had become.

Western Values Project wanted to build a brand that reflected authenticity and fact-based solutions. They wanted a website that highlighted the brand, was mobile-friendly and was easy to use and update. Additionally, they needed a website that encouraged their audience to take action around local, state and federal issues.

Building an Authentic Brand

Our partners at Action Backed created a logo that reflects the colors of the Mountain West. A simple stylized icon works well with text, but can also stand alone to create a unique brand that translates well into social media and other properties.

Here's how Action Backed describes it:

For the logo, a stately serif balances atop a visual mark representing the land that brings together the high mountain peaks and the low valley floor. Standing on its own, the strong mark protects the land and its people. The color palette, led by a deep brown and ochre, is built from the hues of the landscape.

Developing an Action-Oriented Website

For pure ease of use and flexibility, WordPress was the obvious choice for this project. Custom content types allow Western Values Project staff to quickly add content like reports, charts and graphs. The site uses responsive design to support desktop, tablet or mobile browsing.

We integrated the engagement and advocacy tool Salsa seamlessly into the site as an Actions center. Supporters can now contact their federal, state and local officials directly to take action on key issues with a click.

Combined with a robust email program, targeted actions are helping Western Values Project mobilize supporters quickly and stay ahead of the curve in a fast-moving political environment.

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